Ben Dolan

for Minnesota House of Representatives



One of the biggest issues in our country is healthcare; and it's no different in Western Minnesota. We must push towards affordable healthcare. 

Paying a high premium every month along with a huge deductible is not my idea of affordable healthcare. 

We need action to ensure all the people of our district have quality, affordable healthcare. 

This should not be a partisan issue. No parent should have to think twice about whether to bring their sick child to the doctor over fear of paying the bill. We can agree no child should be at such a risk, and no parent should be subjected to it. Paying for prescription drugs should not be a debate at the pharmacy counter; nor should choosing between needed medication and the next meal. Prescription drug prices are out of control in this country. Being gouged on the cost of crucial medicines must stop. 

Healthcare should be focused on just that, healthcare, instead of enormous profits for very few. It is unacceptable for any American to be without quality healthcare and necessary medicines in the wealthiest nation on Earth. 

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